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About Us and Our Staff

Cosmetic Laser and Beauty Spa was established in 2004. We are a local family owned business and are a big part of what goes on. Because of this we are able to guarantee you the best customer service and take that extra step to make sure you have a pleasant experience.

Our staff has been professionally trained and certified for our laser procedures. We use licensed Estheticians and certified laser technicians that perform our treatments.  We continue to attend laser seminars and get all the updated information as it becomes available. Our company has performed over 100,000 laser treatments on all skin types both male and female in the Louisville area with great results.

Starting with just Laser Hair Removal we have now added multiple skin care services and hair treatments to become a full med spa.  It is very important to go to a laser center that has had training from a certified laser training center or college.  We have an assortment of different skin care machines and lights along with 3 different lasers, a Sciton Profile, a Candela GentleLase and a Candela GentleYag. These machines can use adjustable size beams from 1.5mm- 18 mm so we can pick the exact size for your hair, skin or treatment type. Candela lasers are also one of the only lasers made with cooling spray for the skin making your treatments more comfortable and almost completely eliminating side effects. We also have available topical anesthetics so we can numb your skin ahead of time if you are a more sensitive type.


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