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 Hair Restoration with Low Level Laser Therapy


The Secret to having Thick Beautiful Hair

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Low Level Laser Therapy  Hair Restoration 

DHT is the major cause of hair loss affecting 95% of all men and 70% of all women. Perhaps you've tried lotions, potions, or considered radical or expensive hair replacement techniques that average more than $10,000. Maybe you have just ignored it. But the fact is, you’re losing your hair. This condition seriously affects self-esteem, confidence, and shapes how the world perceives you. You have finally decided to do something about your hair loss. Low level laser therapy or hair restoration offers a new treatment solution that provides more than just hope for those who suffer from hair loss. 6 Laser Hair Light Devices have now been approved by the FDA to promote hair growth in both Men and Women with up to 93% new hair growth. Latest Hair Restoration, LLLT  study released in 2009 at ISHRS (International Society for Hair Restoration Surgeons) showed: 100% of the subjects saw an increase in hair growth, 97% saw an increase in hair count.


PROVEN 2007 FDA cleared device - Laser proven to regrow hair – in a Multi-Center Double Blind, Sham-Device Controlled Clinical Study - 93% of People got an average of 19 new thick hairs per centimeter in 6 months (most clinics find best results in 12 months) A new study published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Dermatology showed a 93% male increase in hair among the respondents using Laser in the study! SAFE - LLLT has been used clinically for numerous ailments in Europe for over 35 years and has been the subject of over 3,500 scientific studies, published worldwide. LLLT is approved for Safety by the FDA. There are no reported side effects to the therapy which is painless, non- toxic and complements many traditional therapies. 

*King, P.R. Low Level Laser Therapy: A Review, Laser Med. Sci. 4: 141, 1999.



​What is low level laser therapy?

Hair Restoration or Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is defined as a "cool laser" that effectively stimulates the area and causes an increase in blood flow and causes Photo-bio-stimulation”. Photobiostimulation (PBS) is the biochemical, non-thermal effect that results from the exposure of living tissue to various doses of energy at varying wavelengths emitted from low level lasers. 


​How does Hair Restoration with low level laser therapy work?​
Hair Restoration with Low Level Laser Therapy creates an environment that gives hair its best chance for a healthy growth cycle. It works naturally to heal follicles from within and it interferes with the production of DHT, a body chemical that causes hair loss. The laser light is slowly dissolving any chemicals and buildup around the dermal papilla allowing it to regain blood flow and absorb healthy nutrients needed to make hair grow.​ ​When DHT gets to the dermal papilla,​​ it undermines the absorption of vital nutrients required for healthy hair follicles. Hair follicles have resting and growing phases. So without proper nutrition, their resting stages get longer while their growing phases get shorter and eventually end all together. While it’s gentler than sunlight, hair growth with the Low Level Laser system is a result of the specific frequencies used and our comprehensive therapy system.


​What is a treatment like?

Low Level Laser Therapy involves sitting under a dome hood light unit for approximately 30 minutes. There are almost 500 red led, laser diodes and invisible infrared lights in the hood which completely surrounds your scalp. There is no sound, odor, and the experience is painless. Many clients read, watch TV, use their lap top or just relax during their hair restoration therapy. The frequency and the number of treatments vary depending on the extent of your hair loss. Typically you go through a couple treatments a week for about one year. Our trained hair growth consultants will determine your optimal treatment plan following your free hair and scalp evaluation. We offer flexible hours for your convenience. Many clients look forward to their appointments where they can sit back, relax and enjoy some quiet time.

Included with your Hair Restoration program we provide all your hair care products which is very important for providing nutrients to the dermal papilla and keeping the scalp clean.  

You will receive a full year supply of:

Scalp Therapy Cleanser, which cleans the top of the scalp by dissolving sebum (which clogs hair  follicles  and  promotes excellent scalp hygiene. Also contains a strong concentration of B vitamins, particularly B5,  which is essential for healthy hair.


Maximum Growth Therapy, a unique formula designed to stop hair loss using 11 topical DHT  blockers and nutrients. MGT is designed to provide the hair with protein building nutrients and B  vitamins directly to the  hair follicle to help with hair growth. MGT has a proven vasodilator which  improves blood flow assisting the  vitamins in revitalizing the condition of the hair and scalp. This is a  natural alternative to minoxidil. 


DHT Inhibiting Bio-Therapy Shampoo, a unique blend of shampoo that is SLS free with 11 added DHT blockers. SLS (sodium laurel sulfates) is a harsh chemical found in almost all commercially available shampoos, which acts like detergents and degreasers and irritate your hair follicles. It is designed to gently cleanse the scalp while blocking DHT and is safe to use every day.


Complete Herbal Supplements, a clinically developed supplement to help grow your hair stronger, fuller, faster and to arrest pattern hair loss in both men and woman of all ethnicities. It provides 8 of the most advanced  DHT inhibitors, hair nutrition, vital nutrients, and is combined with a unique marine growth complex  blend; extremely effective in combating hair loss. This product provides all the nutrition hair needs to thrive optimally and promotes existing hair growth.


Is Low Level Laser Therapy Expensive?

When compared to ongoing chemical solutions for hair loss, such as Propecia, Minoxidil or Finasteride or surgical hair transplants which is not permanent this is by far the most cost effective resolution for your money. You will find the Light Therapy to be your most cost effective, best bet. Plus, your investment in light therapy represents a smart long-term financial decision because the hair you grow with Low  Level Laser Therapy you keep, even after you complete your treatments.

Still not convinced that this will work? 

So were we. Take a look at these news reports and popular TV shows of different Low Level Laser devices that were FDA approved in the United States in 2008. The technology has come a long way since then. Keep in mind too that most of these devices have very few laser lights in them and still had results.


Click on the links below for TV Shows reporting on LLLT:

Jacqueline Tarrant with Style Infinity

Michigan Fox Channel 2 Report​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

CBS New with Dr. Steven Bayan​​

​​​​News Channel 5 with Dr. Bauman, After Chemo LLLT​


The Doctors TV Show​​


Click on the video for our TV commercial as seen on DISCOVERY, ESPN 2, SPIKE, FOX SPORTS, ESNU, GOLF CHANNEL



The sooner you act the better the results. Once a hair follicle becomes dormant for over 5-7 years there is very little you can do to regrow that hair. Hair Transplant Surgery would be your only option left. So what are you waiting for? The only thing to lose is more hair!

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Low Level Laser Therapy, Hair Restoration

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