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Microcurrent/Lunchtime Face Lift

with Radio Frequency 

microcurrent device

  Microcurrent face lift can be performed to achieve the following benefits:

  • Revitalizes and tightens the skin

  • Lymph drainage may also be increased, helping to clear any toxins from the tissue

  • Improve muscle tone in face and neck & can greatly increase blood flow to the area

  • Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles

  • Increases skin elasticity and firms facial contour effect on the appearance of the skin and facial muscle

  • Puffiness and sagging, such as under the eyes is greatly reduced, giving the face a healthier, firmer look

  • Production of both collagen and elastin also often improves

  • Lift jowls and eyebrows

Micro-current treatment is also known as “The Lunchtime face lift” for its immediate results and no downtime. It is the most effective treatment before any important event. Perfect for special occasions or a quick pick-me-up for an “Instant Face Lift”.


The microcurrent facelift works on a simple premise. When the electrical pulses are delivered, it stimulates the skin and tones the muscles. The current is also believed to boost collagen production to tighten skin and reduce the appearance of lines.


This procedure can also reshape muscles in the face in order to reduce frown lines, crow’s feet, sagging neck lines and other problems associated with aging skin.


The pulses in a microcurrent facelift will also increase circulation and give the skin an overall feeling of rejuvenation. It is considered very safe, and there are usually no side effects or irritation from having one.

To further benefit the microcurrent treatment we add radio frequency to it. Radio frequency heats deep tissues and has quite a few benefits: it boosts collagen and elastin production and blood circulation, for increased tightening and elasticity and overall skin rejuvenation.


In order to recognize the full benefits of a microcurrent face lift, several treatments are required; a series of 6-10 is usually recommended, though this can vary from patient to patient. Positive results may be seen immediately starting with the first session, but an entire course will bring the best results. 

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