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Hydra - Jet Facial 

hydrafacial before and after results
hydrafacial in action

When it comes to large pores or blackheads, a Hydra-Jet facial prides itself on being aggressive without the inflammation and irritation of other forms of aggressive facials.  This treatment results in more clear, more hydrated and younger-looking skin that literally glows.


Hydra-Jet facial is ideal for all types of skin and skin sensitivities.  Depending on the individual’s skin,  the aesthetician can target darkened age spots, oily and congested pores & blackheads, fine lines and wrinkles.  If you are concerned about inflammation, red LED light can be applied to the affected area to reduce inflammation and redness.


The typical Hydra-Jet facial procedure consists of four steps:


1. Cleaning and Exfoliation–  In this phase, the aesthetician uses

    the Hydra-Jet facial tip to open up pores and literally sweep up the

    top layer of debris and dead skin cells on the surface.  This

    process is painless, and many find this relaxing and refreshing.


2. Acid Peel – Glycolic/salicylic peels are applied to remove other

    deeper skin cells not removed in step 1.  Despite the use of the

    word “peel”, this step is also very gentle and, at most, you will

    feel a faint tingle.


3. Extraction–  The results of this phase are probably the most

    shocking of the whole Hydra-Jet facial treatment.  During this

    step, the aesthetician uses what is called a vortex extraction

    nozzle. This device tip literally acts as a vacuum and as a result,

    you will hear a sucking sound.  After this step, you should be

    shown the physical results within the fluid collection on the

    machine. The clear water solution frequently looks cloudy and

    sometimes downright muddy from the collection of oil, makeup,

    and other skin impurities from the skin surface and down to the

    depth of the skin pores. 


4. Application of Serum–  In this step, the vortex tool again is used to infuse a serum that contains a combination of collagen and antioxidants.  That combination is promoting the hydration, firmness and elasticity of your skin.


Immediately after your Hydra-Jet facial treatment, your skin will feel clean, hydrated and even glowing.  I have had this treatment myself, and my skin has never felt more hydrated.


The beneficial feeling of your skin will continue for many days after each treatment.  Many women note that their skin feels smoother, and that makeup goes on more easily and smoothly.

Due to the fact that your skin can look brighter and feel softer, many of our patients here at Cosmetic Laser get a Hydra-Jet facial monthly.  

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